What is love, really?

There is this magical energy that attracts two people who consistently think of each other. Those who were struck by it call it fate.
But it is basically one of love’s unexplained ways; the mystery of how it works, not even the sharp-witted people could define.
The heart wants what it wants; there is no explanation to why it wants it.
When you find what you love, let it kill you then.
Kill you passionately with happiness as long as you accept the pain that goes with it.

Life is never constant, that’s a fact.
And that is the exact reason why I am holding on to someone as much as I can because I fear that something extraordinary like this won’t happen the second time.
Extraordinary. I guess it’s this magical feeling of falling in love without having a single clue that it would happen the first time I met him.
It could be because we all need someone that we can be comfortable around and be ourselves with.
Knowing that this “extraordinary” is one tough ride, yet we’re both doing everything to make it last, every single day, makes it perfect.
Yes, perfect is an immortal word. But when you’re in love, perfect is just effortless.
Everything just flows freely.
Free like the raindrops that fall hard on the ground.
I am too. With him.
Free as the mixed emotions I get whenever I look into his eyes.
Those eyes that shine bright like the moon at night and absorb all the love inside me.
It seemed like my mind and heart found the right pattern. They finally agreed on one thing without second thoughts.

He has no idea of what I feel about him.
This is not a maybe-thing.
I know I’m in love because he makes me stare into the universe and gives my heart the lightest feeling.
He is my favorite daydream.
I love how we can spend countless hours doing nothing and yet it’s still perfect.
I love the butterfly riot that takes place inside my stomach every time he kisses me.
And those priceless moments of sleeping on his chest and feeling the warmth of his breath on my cheek.

Love is not actually about saying a million things on why you love that person.
Love is when you can’t find a word to describe how you feel about that person.
Yes. This is an overused description of love.
Love can be a lot of words. A lot of gestures.
Including this certain smile, I am wearing because of him.
I love him with his past included.

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