A certified 90’s kid!

Being a 90’s kid growing up in the neighborhood, I can say my childhood was pretty awesome!

Describe what it was like where you grow up.

As a child, I had the privilege to grow up with my cousins.  We’re like two houses apart, so we always play and do things together.  We also knew most of the children living in our village because it’s not that crowded yet compared today, and usually, we played in groups.

Of course, we also have these parents who will forbid you to go here or there, or to not do this and that… and so on.  But being children who were full of curiosity, we tend to sneak out.  Haha!

We discovered hideouts and beautiful places.  We would climb hills which people rarely go to, or ran to the forest at the back of our village.  We were hungry for adventure!

We discovered this group of big rocks in one of our adventures.  Every afternoon, during summer, we would go there and pretend we were Disney characters.  I think, I was the little mermaid at that time.  I would lie down the big flat rock and would look at the big blue sky above me.  Then we would try to trace shapes from the clouds.  That was a wonderful feeling.  We would have picnics and games too.

As I can remember, everything was full of greens before.  Big and tall trees, grasses, weeds, and lots of plants.  The last time I passed by that place, I only saw houses, houses, and lots of them.

We were always happy when it rains because we can play and shower outside at the same time.  But we also need to ask permission from everyone’s parents.  We would ask together as a group, so they can’t say no.  It’s like, if someone’s parents allowed them, why can’t mine? LOL. 🙂

In the evening, we would play hide and seek.  Or sometimes would go ghost hunting.  We never saw one! Ever!

And when it’s dark and late, all the fun had to end!  Living without any cell phones or computers before, we had to plan things personally for the next day before going home. (I think I like it better that way!)

Our parents allowed us to play with every child in our place.  I don’t know which people belongs to which class because everyone shares things if they have and others don’t.

This video sums up my childhood! 🙂


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “West End Girls.”

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