The Rain

The world is wet and cold.
I am wet and I feel so cold.

I have lots of things to do, but this rain just keeps on pouring.

Outside, I can see the stillness of the rain as it falls to the ground, and in just seconds, it disappears slowly as a new batch of raindrops falls.
And it will go on like this forever if it won’t stop.

I really hate it when the weather turns out this way.
Gray sky. Gray sky. Nothing but the gray sky above this gloomy world.
Feels like the world is fading with its grayness – as the hope within me seems to fade with it.

How I wish there will be a blue sky again.
Well, earlier, it was all sunny and blue – and now, this!

Rain, rain just go away, and don’t come back after a hundred years!!!
This is crazy… plus this stupid rain song running in my head.
When will this splatting-splattering-thing end?

A lot of things have changed as I grow up.
When I was younger, I used to love the rain!
It always excites me when I feel the cold breeze blowing in our window, and when I hear the first drop of the rain.
I love to play in the rain with other kids. Ahhh, the singing and dancing, the laughing and splashing –yes, including dirty muddy water.
I love the fresh smell of the ground as the rain first touches it.

I would then imagine hearing the cheers and laughter of the trees, the flowers, and the grass – including the weeds – as they rejoice for the blessings given to them.

It reminds me of a line from the song, Laughter in the rain: How I love the rainy days and the happy ways I feel inside.
This is how I should feel when it rains.

But now?

I hate it when it rains!

I could not count the number of profanities I had said as I hear it pouring over and over again.

The rain, well, it only messes up my plans, makes me late for my appointments, delays a lot of my time, make my clothes wet and dirty, fills my shoes with mud, and it always covers my wonderful blue sky.

So, what’s good with the rain when I needed blue skies?

I look around me – the rain still pouring.
I didn’t notice that there are some people around,
And how they have the guts to smile and laugh with this weather!
They’re not pissed or mad at all.
They just stand and wait patiently for the rain to stop.

And me?…
I was grumbling and mumbling and cursing as I hated the rain more and more.

I hear laughter in the street as kids and other people play under it.
What’s wrong with the world??!!

No. Wait…
What is wrong with me?

Things didn’t change.
Through the years, the rain had always been the same rain.
Dripping… dropping… splatting… splattering…
Nothing’s changed in it.

And me?! – I changed.
My perception of the things around me became different.
I act so negatively when I know in time the rain will simply stop.
I allow my negative thoughts to ruin my day because I do not like the weather.
How I wish I am as optimistic as these other people.

I close my eyes gently and listen to the sound of a thousand raindrops echoing through my ears.

The wind slowly blows, but I don’t feel the chilling cold that I felt earlier.

It was when I realize – staying under the rain has never been this good when you’re wrapped in someone’s arms.

How can I not value this moment?

I turn around… and look at his blue eyes – there, I see my blue skies and a breathtaking world filled with rainbows and sunshine.
He smiles at me and kisses my forehead.
I smile back and hold his hands.

From now on, I won’t have to worry about gray skies and rain anymore – with him in my life – every day is a blue skies-green grass-soft breeze-fluffing clouds-blooming flowers-sunny day… no matter what the weather is.

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