What true love looks like

What does true love look like?
It’s between a man of 90 and a woman of 80
The woman on the bed
Weak and unresponsive
She doesn’t look good, everyone knows
With an oxygen tube attached around her nose
To help her breathe at least at the moment

The man sits beside the bed even if he is tired
He doesn’t care, he will stay with her
He talks to the woman, tears falling down his cheeks
She is my wife, he keeps on repeating
He calls her name again and again
But all she can do is stare blankly at him

They’ve been together for a decade of six
And stood through the storm of life in all of those years
Together, they got each other’s back
They are not just partners, no
But soulmates in fact

She clenches her teeth
Rolls her eyes
Catching her breath
Chasing her heartbeat
Everyone tries to help her
But she is too tired
She is too weak and too old to fight

She looks at her husband as he holds her hand
A tear falls from her worn out eyes,
This is the last memory of him that she will keep
Before she closes her eyes
And peacefully sleeps

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