Things I do when I don’t write


There was once a time when I would write many beautiful things about life just by staring at the evening sky, the moon, and the dancing stars. With every word, every sentence, I can feel the moon’s energy flowing through me, inspiring me to write. Yes, the moon is my muse.

However, there also came a time when the moon became distant. I felt so alone. Then I met someone who comforted me around those difficult times. His name was Writer’s Block. The more the moon grew farther away from me, the more time I spent with Writer’s Block. He became my solace.

The moon blocked me out of the Enchanted Forest. I lost communication with my friends, too.

Every time I looked at the moon at night, I feel wretched. I came to realize that it’s just a normal waxing-waning light in the dark. There’s nothing more to it. It doesn’t have a soul.

I used my right brain lesser and lesser each day. I don’t feel like writing, drawing or creating crafts anymore. I think I lost this side of me for a little while. I felt useless, unimaginative, mundane. I became ordinary.

I tried to put an end to my whirlwind relationship with Writer’s Block. I am not myself when I’m with him. It’s like I don’t know who I am anymore. I have to. Things are not the same with him.

I went back to the moon and we talked about what happened to us over hot coffee. We agreed to work things out again, to take things slowly. It’s true that if you want a relationship to be healthy, sometimes you need to do things apart too.

So here I am, and here’s a list of the things that I do when I don’t write:

1. Cook. Cooking has become a big part of me. From the laid-back girl who only knew how to fry and boil food, I learned to embrace the magic of cooking. I started to improvise and make my own versions of my favorite dishes.

girl_cooking.83102123 (1)

2. Draw. I scribble and color when I feel like it, especially now that I’m trying to write more things about the magical world I discovered.

11950906_1049648758379031_755658710_n (1) (1)
A portrait of Cobbie

3. Play computer games. I like playing League of Legends. Lately, my Fiancé introduced me to the World of Warcraft. 😀

4. Spend time with my Fiancé.  We would watch movies or TV series, drink coffee or hot choco, take a short walk around town, or go out and eat at nice restaurants when he wants me to unwind from cooking.

5. Relax and day dream. Ahh, nothing else is better than this.

6. Clean the house. Things need to be organized, including laundry and garbage.

7. Or I could be busy at work. Yeah, I mean really busy that you can’t even check the time on your phone.

What are the things you do when you don’t write? Tell me. 😀


010000239m (1) (4)

lined-paper (1)

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    1. Oopps I’m sorry about that funny reply. I was distracted haha.
      Anyway, I would be glad to clean your house! 🙂 Sometimes I have this tendency to clean other people’s mess especially in the hospital. Lol. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s a bad thing though.

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