Yellow Ribbons

Randy waited seven years for this day. He will be released from prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. He will start a new life and be with his wife and his now six-year-old daughter.

Randy was a former driver of a yellow tractor in Old McDonald’s Farm. He would take tourists for a tractor ride around the farm to meet the different animals and to see the transcendent view of the countryside. The business was going so well, until one day, the owner, Mr. McDonald was robbed and brutally killed inside his house. The police put Randy into custody because he was the last person seen to had talked to Mr. McDonald before he was slaughtered. Mr. McDonald’s wife told the police that Randy went to their house last evening to borrow money because his wife is going to deliver their baby soon, but he went home disappointed. Randy was accused of murder. He was arrested and put to prison, leaving his nine-month-pregnant wife alone.

After serving seven years in prison, he was able to prove his innocence and his conviction was overturned. He was found guilty based on untrue testimonies. Prosecutors said that the murder could have been orchestrated by Mrs. McDonalds, who was 23-years-old at that time, and her lover, who were now in custody and under investigation.

Randy and his wife would write each other love letters every month, and this time, he requested his wife to hang yellow ribbons on their porch to welcome him when he comes home. For him, yellow means freedom. And in a month or two, he will be finally free.

Today is that day.

The bus stops a few meters away from his house. Randy’s heart races as his face turns red in excitement. Slowly, he walks carrying a bag on his back, a bouquet of red roses and a red-haired doll in his right hand. He made sure to pass by the store to buy gifts for his wife and daughter. He can’t wait to surprise them.

As he nears the house, he smells the freshly-baked apple cinnamon pie that his wife always makes. He sees the yellow ribbons hanging above the front porch. His heart dances in delight as he watches the ribbons sway in the wind. He hears a small creak in the front door and catches a little child peeking inside and giggling. He is overjoyed.

The small giggle was followed by a loud bang. A kind of sound that gives a crushing and excruciating pain in his heart. His wife screams as his body falls to the ground. His vision starts to blur. Staring at him is the red-haired doll, now covered in blood. He feels numb. He turns around and takes a last glimpse of the yellow ribbons dancing above the sky before he completely shuts his eyes. He is free at last.

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