Love A Girl Who Writes

Have you  ever wonder how it feels to be in love with a girl who writes?

You might see her at the corner of a coffee shop with a laptop on the table and a pair of glasses covering her face, or she could be in a park, feeling the afternoon breeze as she jots down her thoughts on a notebook.

You might catch her smiling on her own as she types on those keyboards or scribbles on her pad, but the fact is, she is drifting on a world of fantasy where her imaginations and creativity meet.

A girl who writes is appreciative. She appreciates little things even the mundane ones. She finds happiness simply by looking at the stars or smelling the flowers. She sees through the little things and makes it big in her world. Even if you give her the most inexpensive gift you could ever find, it would still mean the world to her.

She is smooth-natured, delicate and fragile. You might see her crying as she watches sad movies or videos. If she feels down at some point, try to make her smile. Prepare a cup of coffee or tea to make her feel better. She will appreciate it.

She is somewhat insecure. She always feels that her writings are not good enough. Make her feel that you are interested in reading her works. Suggest ideas to her.  Help her become a better writer than she is. Don’t forget to praise her every time her article gets published or her story won contests.

She is selfless. She might prioritize other people first before herself. These people might take advantage of such kindness and end up hurting her. Motivate her to see herself as you see her: A gem.

She is adventurous. She might leave you for a while to visit her other world as she writes. You have to understand that she might be there physically with you, but her soul is on a kind of adventure that non-writers would not understand. Just make sure not to interrupt her or she might get lost. By the time she gets back, you will have her all to yourself.

She is a kid at heart. She enjoys spending time with her imaginary friends. Every writer has an imaginary friend or a muse that inspires them to write. Don’t judge her in that matter. Support her. Be a kid at heart with her.

She is artistic. She likes to draw, sketch, paint or do any form of art that includes applying make-up on her face or nail arts on her nails. Appreciate it. Acknowledge her talent.

She will introduce you to her imagination. A world of fantasy created by her magical words. Open up to her. Accept her invitation. You might realize that there is more to life that what you already knew.

She will spend her money on notebooks, pens, or art materials rather than buying expensive clothes or accessories. See how easy it is to find a gift for her?

She might be suffering from a writer’s block at some point, encourage her. Don’t make her give up. There are lots of things or feelings that need to be written.

She draws inspiration from you. From her written novels down to her poems, all male characters that every girl will fall for is based on you.

Don’t ever hurt her unless you want to become the antagonist to every tragic love stories she writes.

Love a girl who writes, she is a keeper. She will be devoted and will stay loyal to you because she believes in happy endings, and someday, as you grow old together, she might be able to fulfill her dreams of writing the best love story ever told.

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