Aokigahara (Suicide Forest)


The forest, it calls
Lost souls whisper in the wind
they feel your weakness

The rope will save you
Tie it now, around your neck
It will comfort you
© Pancake Bunnykins

Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest of Japan, is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. It is also called as the forest of no return. It was believed that anyone who entered the Aokigahara forest never made it out alive especially the confused and the troubled. Suicide survivors or those who had a change of heart shared their experience of a certain force that seemed to draw them to the place.

Based on reports, hundreds of bodies were found hanging in the trees each year while some remained undiscovered. It was dubbed as a suicide hotspot by the Daily Mail.

The commonly used suicide methods are hanging and drug overdose.

Legend states that in the nineteenth century, an ubasute was carried out by the Japanese to help them survive in times of drought or famine. Ubasute is a common practice in Japan where people leave their elderly relatives in a forest or any desolated place to die of dehydration or starvation as a form of euthanasia. This might be the reason why the forest is haunted by numbers of vengeful spirits.

Upon entering the forest, you will find a sign that reads: “Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Please think about your parents, siblings and children. Don’t keep it to yourself. Talk about your troubles.”

A mist of silence surrounds the forest that marked the end of troubled humans.
Even the sun is afraid to shine its rays on the undisturbed darkness.
Lost souls who seek comfort wrapped themselves in the shadow,
hoping to escape reality,
wishing to be forgotten.
© Pancake Bunnykins

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