The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is one of the kingdoms in the Sphere located in a realm parallel to the planet Earth.

Only a few humans are able to enter the domain through the light of the full moon. When the first light of the moon touches the Hoyrawn, a ground sacred to the High Elves, a portal would open and would take those fortunate souls to the abyss of the unknown.

The Moagals are human-like creatures that live in the dry parts of the Sphere, mostly in the Enchanted Forest. They are intelligent, creative and hardworking. They use their skills and expertise in order to survive since they don’t have any special abilities. They have a shorter lifespan compared to other creatures, but they play a big role in the existence of all the kingdoms.

The High Elves rule the Enchanted Forest. They are the elite form of elves gifted with clairvoyance. They bring balance to the Sphere by keeping the secret of the Dragon’s Scroll. They are distinguished by their amethyst-colored eyes, pale skin and black hair.

Eyes of amethyst
tell me what the future holds
Soft-spoken beings
warm my heart and bless my soul
You, who keep the secret scroll

The Mermaids take control over the water realm. They are also called shapeshifters because of their ability to transform into any being depending on their likings. They are loving, playful and the most beautiful creatures in the whole Sphere.

Their realm is located in the deepest part of the ocean where no human or creature has ever entered. Outsiders will run out of breath before they can even reach its gateway. They grant access to allies by giving them fishtails to swim into the deep and the capacity to breathe underwater.

Skin kissed by the sun
Playful amber-colored hair
Take control of me

The Fairies, sometimes called as the Wood Elves, have the ability to fly and the power to heal. They are cheerful and helpful creatures with wings similar to that of a cicada. They are given the task to watch over the forest including animals and other creatures. They love to dance especially under the moon. They also love to play with unicorns and create rainbows in the sky.

Merry winged-creatures
watch me as I sleep tonight
Kiss me for sweet dreams
and blow those bad dreams away
fly bad dreams, fly far away

The Black Orcs has power over the Kingdom of Zha Yan found in the southern part of the Sphere. They are ambitious, aggressive and literally heartless. Once a humble constituent of the Enchanted Forest, they formed a rebellion and conquered the South, building their own kingdom, putting moagals and other creatures to slavery and killing all those who are against them. Their mission is to steal the Dragon’s Scroll from the High Elves and learn the power of the elements, so they can rule over both land and water, including other dimensions.

The Sirens were granted authority by the Black Orcs to take over the southern waters. They are the total opposite of the Mermaids, both in looks and characters. They have scaly skins and a fish gill located on each ear. They are mischievous and deceitful. They fed on flesh by luring and seducing any creatures that come their way.

Oh, melancholy!
I cried as I stood hopeless
Trapped in a peril
Surrounded by starving beasts
soon to feast upon my flesh

The Witches are divided into two groups: The White Witches who practice white magic and the Black Witches who are into the dark arts. They can be an ally or a foe depending on your motive.

The Behemoths are giants imprisoned in the icy mountains millions of years ago. The mountains were enclosed by a number of large glacial walls to prevent the Behemoths from devouring other creatures in the Sphere. None has actually seen them, but they are believed to have sharp teeth and claws, and bodies covered with hairs. They have small brains that give them the ability to think less.

The Four Dragons are ancient creatures that rule over the Sphere millions of years ago. Legend says that they used to balance the kingdom using the power of the four elements: the water, fire, earth and air. It was presumed that before the last dragon perished, it transferred the four hearts of the elements on a scroll, now called The Dragon’s Scroll and entrusted it to its trustworthy followers, the High Elves.

The Sphere’s creatures, especially the old ones still believe that after a million years, the Sphere will give birth to four new dragons that would balance good and evil.

A force dawn the globe
and gave birth to a new hope
Four fearsome creatures
they control the elements
to balance good and evil

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