Audition (1999)

I read that Audition is one of the best horror movies of all times because of the director’s sadomasochistic style, so today I decided to give it a try.

Audition tells a story about a widowed film producer, Aoyama who set up a fake audition in order to find his next bride-to-be. Numbers of women applied for the role, but only one caught his attention, the lovely Asami, a former ballet dancer.

Aoyama took Asami on a date and she opened up to him about how she was abused as a child. She showed him her burned scars and asked him if he can love only her. He pledged his love and they slept together. The next morning, Aoyama discovered that Asami left him.

He searched for Asami in her former school and in the place where she claimed to be working, but to no avail. Instead, he discovered a disturbing tale about her past.

Aoyama went home and drink his usual glass of wine. He suddenly became dizzy and fell on the floor, only to discover that Asami had drugged him. Unable to move, Asami confronted him that she knew about the fake audition and that she hated the thought of Aoyama loving his deceased wife because he promised Asami that he will only love her.

To punish him for his treacherousness, she stuck needles in his abdomen and eyes. Unsatisfied with it, she cut his left leg using a piano wire.

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When she was about to cut the other leg, Aoyama’s son arrived home. He struggled with Asami and he pushed her down the stairs, breaking her neck.

Maybe, if I watched the movie a few years back, my reaction would definitely be: OMG, it’s gross! It’s disturbing! I can’t stop thinking about it. It made my stomach turn!

But no! I think I got used watching weirder, more disgusting, bloodier, stomach-twitching movies of today. I mean, Audition didn’t even show the details of their disturbing scenes, but yeah, the idea of torture was really sick.

The movie is slow-paced. Better skip the first 60 minutes and proceed to the intense part! The chasing and struggling scenes were short though, I was shocked that Asami fell off the stairs that quick. Where’s the justice?

The movie’s plot is really simple. I really don’t think Aoyama deserved that kind of torture just because he lied. There’s not a lot of jump scare here, just those disturbing scenes.

One more thing, I really don’t get who the person in the sack was. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. 😀




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  1. I watched Audition a few years ago. I was undergoing through a lot of trauma when I started watching horror flicks in 2008. Skeleton key remained my favorite for many years until ‘The Others’ came before me. I watched The Conjuring and then in November 2016 something happened and my life itself became a mystery horror thriller flick. I watched all horror movies I had watched ‘live.’ Now I have settled with spiritual films and documentaries.

    We transmute our psyche and humanity’s Karma by watching these–you are a mermaid so you are beyond and already in touch with awareness I feel. Movies I had watched became part of my negative evolutionary momentum when I consumed Marijuana. All movies, food items and expressions come back to us to test us and guide us. Science-fiction by Nolan, Kubrick and others and Mystery by David Lynch guided me. Audition was indeed very horrifying for me in last few minutes because of grueling torture.

    I have been sensitive to sounds–piano wire being utilized like that was too much. The man in the sack was someone who did something wrong and then had to suffer like an animal in the hell I suppose–that is a very visual film suggesting how hells are depicted in Buddhism–like dream realms. Black Widow was another character in a film where Daniel Radcliff plays lead–the sounds haunted me because I always used earphones and watched alone in night. Now no more!

    Thank you.


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