The Timawo In The Mango Tree

Ang Timawo sa punong mangga

Annie woke up to the cold wind coming outside the window. She knew it was midnight because she looked at the clock before closing the window in a hurry. Midnight is not a good time to be awake for people living in the provinces. They said that it’s the period where strange phenomenon happens.

In front of Annie’s window is a big mango tree that always gave her a spine-chilling feeling whenever she looks at it at night.

She went back to bed quickly and pulled up the blanket that fell on the floor when she heard a tapping sound from the window.

Agitated, she glanced at the window and saw a Timawo, a tree-dwelling entity as small as a child, smiling and waving at her.

Annie fainted on her bed in disbelief.

In the morning, she woke up confused if the Timawo was all a dream, but the handprint on the window told her it wasn’t.

Timawo is the true form of an Engkanto, an elemental entity mostly found living in the trees or rivers. Engkantos are described to be beautiful, white-skinned, green or blue-eyed and taller than ordinary Filipinos. Based on witnesses who had seen their true forms, the Timawos are short, hairy and ugly with sharp ears, teeth, and claws.

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