Train to Busan

Train to Busan, a South Korean zombie film, had been awaited by many horror fans due to its very intriguing trailer.I was actually expecting that it would be the same as all the other zombie movies, but the story really got me. I mean who the hell cries over a horror movie?


The movie shows great aspects of a father’s love to his daughter and a husband’s to his wife. When everything comes to end, one is willing to sacrifice his self for the people he loves. I guess that’s how love works.

Anyway, the chasing scenes would put you at the edge of your seat. I don’t remember people used guns and special weapons to kill zombies except for a baseball bat! And there is one character that you would definitely hate for being annoyingly selfish (100000x), but hey, I think if a real zombie apocalypse happens (and as what the main character advised his child), you should save yourself first.

Remember this face! πŸ˜€

This film will make you angry, laugh, scream and cry at the same time. As a horror freak, this is one of the best zombie films I have ever watched. And I heard there’s going to be a sequel, too! Yey! πŸ˜€


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    1. I think we all did especially after that scene with the girl being a baby, That really did it! the director REALLY knows how to pull the emotional strings πŸ™‚


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