The Transformation

He went home early to surprise Elene with flowers and movie tickets for their anniversary. He tried calling her earlier, but there was no answer. He slowly walked to their bedroom, hiding the flowers behind his back, but to his surprise, he saw her naked with another man in bed.

He was motionless for a second, feeling the raging pain that he had never felt in his entire existence. He felt his blood gushes through his veins abruptly tearing his skin apart. Furs, pitch-black as the night covered his whole body and his eyes turned red blood. His fingernails became sharper, thicker and he had a sudden craving for flesh.

He plunged into the man as Elene shouted in horror. He thrust his sharp nails right into the man’s heart, crushing it inside his fractured ribs.

Elene tried to run, but he was too quick for her. He slit her throat with his bloody nails and she dropped on the floor.

He stood there for a little while until he came back to his senses. He just had his first kill, two in a row.

His pain exposed his true nature. The elders were right, humans are heartless and greedy. They are not meant to be loved. They are nothing but a prey found at the bottom of the food chain.

With a cold stare, he bent down at Elene’s body, caressed her hair slowly and pulled out her heart.

He sneered and gobbled part of it.

Alas, his transformation was completed.


P. Bunnykins

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