Is He Serious?

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You think he is serious because he brings you flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. He brought the same thing to his wife when he comes home that day.
He tells you that you are the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He also said that to his wife before he married her.
He gives you expensive gifts even when there’s no special occasion. He wants you to feel you are wanted and that he adores you. Of course he does.
He takes you on a date when he has a free day. While he tells his family he needs to do an extra day work.
You have a fifty-shades-of-grey-darker kind of sex life. Because at home, his wife is always tired from taking care of his children.
He calls you late at night just to tell you he misses you. When everyone at home is asleep, so no one can hear him because he is horny.
He always shares with you all his happy moments. Because he knows his wife is the only person who will understand and accept him during miserable times.
He tells you he lovesΒ you.Β If he really does, why are you his second option and hides you from the world?
He leaves his wife for you. Yes, you won! But no, it simply means that he had freed his wife from all his backstabbing-cheating life. Now, she has the chance to have a better life and maybe meet someone that she really deserves.
He married you. Wouldn’t you feel paranoid thinking he will do the same to you as he did to his wife?

So, do you think he is serious?

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