Moon Window

One cold night,
I see the shimmering light of the silvery moon shining down on me.
I look at the glittering glow of the stars as they dance in the evening sky.

Outside my window,
I hear the singing of the trees as they echo in the midnight breeze.
I sit by my table.
Wonderful thoughts running in my mind.
I put the lights off
and turn my little angel lamp on.
Dim yellow light surrounds my room.
Ah, this feeling of serenity, a feeling of silence.
This is my little me-time. My moment.

Looking out the window and writing down all my heart’s desire.
What more could I ask for when what I see is so damn priceless?
I call this my Moon Window.
It’s where the beautiful Moon peeks at me when I’m asleep at night, shining down the brightest of its beam to wake me up in the midnight hour, making me think that a night as wonderful as this should not be wasted by sleeping.

I stand up, leave my comfortable bed and my sweetest dreams behind, to follow and enjoy the most amazing sight that only Mother Nature can give.

I welcome the Moon in my window and thank her for her presence.
I walk outside and sit down the pavement.
I look up, close my eyes
and think to myself, how peaceful life can be when all I can hear is the sound of the wind and all I can smell is its sweet angel breath.

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Daily Prompt: Blowing dandelions

 Reposting this for today’s prompt, First Crush.

There is always this one summer kiss that makes every childhood a place you want to go back to.

Summer rain. Summer breeze. Summer skies. Summer love. Summer nights. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Blowing dandelions”

The Coin Flipper

She is there again.
On her laptop, writing.
Window blinds were put down.
She likes it dim when she writes.
I know. I’ve been watching her for quite some time now.
I guess it makes her adrift from the real world.
She is in her own world. Writing her thoughts.
Making her more sensitive to me.
She is aware of that. She just knows how to disregard my presence.
Or she thought.

I need to be noticed.
I’ve done it a few times.
I saw the fear in her heart but still she doesn’t acknowledge my existence.
A few months ago, I passed in front of her curtain, a fine black shadow.
She saw me. She told others that she saw me.
They tried to convince her I was nothing.
She knows what she saw. But she just pretended they were right.
She can’t fool me. I can sense her belief in beings like me.
I am not alone. Others told me about her that’s why I followed her.
To be noticed.

She thought I was gone.
I am still here.
I don’t want to scare her.
I just want her to acknowledge me.
To save me.

She is alone.
It’s dark.
This is my chance.
I need to be noticed.
I need to do it a manner she never experienced before.
I am standing just across her near the corner.
Beside the table where they put a lot of stuff.
Keys. Wallet. Pens. A picture frame. Coins.
A coin.
This is something I never did before.
I flip the coin.
The flipping sound echoes in the whole living room.
It’s the only sound you can hear amidst the silence.
She looks at where I am.
I am here. I wave!
She didn’t see me.
I am weak.
I don’t have enough energy to make her see me.
This is her fault.
The more she ignores me, I become weaker.
She tries to type on her laptop again.
See how she ignores me?
I know she is still thinking about how the coin flipped on its own.
It was me!

Again! Let me try this again.
This time, she will feel that I am here.
I flip the coin. It flips a little slower and longer than the first one.
Ah! I can sense a flush of energy inside me.
She stops what she’s doing.
Yes! I got her attention!
She stands up and walks to where the coin is.
Her eyebrows now in a frown, she holds the same coin and flips it herself.
Haha! She is trying to convince herself it’s some kind of gravity or natural force.
It’s me!
No one can do that. No one is here except you and me.

She walks to the front door.
What is she doing?
I have her attention, but she’s walking away.
She opens the door and the light goes in.
She opens all the windows too.
She knows I am here!
But wait…
I can’t stand the light. It makes me weak…
I can’t…..

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Night Whisper

I woke up in a world far different from what I was used to.
Fell asleep in a bed where my nightmares turned to beautiful dreams.

It’s 2 in the morning. I awoke to the sound of your voice outside my window.

Wake up, Princess… Stop living in someone else’s dream. Come home to me… to our world… I need you here.

I run outside, barefoot.

Where are you?” I whisper.

No answer.
I fall down to my knees.
Hands on the ground.

Please… don’t leave me… I need you too…

©Pancake Bunnykins

Blowing dandelions

I looked outside the window one fine summer morning and smiled at the greenish view that lightens up my heart.
Green grasses and trees combined with blue skies and blooming flowers are like ambrosia to me.
It always gives me the sweet feeling of bliss. Continue reading “Blowing dandelions”