The Raven

© HorrorMade

A heart on its beak,
the raven brings warning: “The
witch hunter is dead!”
© P. Bunnykins


Phantom Dancer

© HorrorMade

The Phantom Dancer
hides his face under a mask
to dance one last time

He’s like a devil
on the dance floor as he moves
It’s hauntingly good
© P. Bunnykins


The Iron Maiden

© HorrorMade

The Iron Maiden
harvests lost evil souls and
brings them back to hell
© P. Bunnykins



runaway love3.png
© HorrorMade

Hide for now, my prince
before men can slaughter you
and avert your reign

Soon you’ll own the world
and feast on pity humans
until none is left
© P. Bunnykins

Songs of Death

© HorrorMade

Sirens sing to me
the same familiar lyrics
of my drowning fate
© P. Bunnykins 

Horror Haikuesday: Snacktime

To celebrate the last Tuesday of the year, check out for the chilling featured horror haikus, including mine, and Jeanette’s amazing artwork! 😀

Horror Made

It’s the last Horror Haikuesday of 2015?! How sad.

Well, at least we have 52 Tuesdays to look forward to in 2016. 😉

There were a fair number of Haikuesday submissions last week, so here they are.

First, a haiku from Patrick Rahall:



I cried, moaned and wailed

But took another mouthful.

Undead, I eat her.

~ by Patrick Rahall

Next is a haiku sent in by Jack Wallen on twitter:

demon gaze

And last but not least, here is a haiku string from the comment section last week written by Pancake Bunnykins:

Aokigahara Forest


Thank you all for helping to creating something special this past year! And I’m looking forward to making even more awesomeness with you guys in 2016.

If you’d like to…

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