Springtime Dream

© Wikimedia Commons

Spring blows its kisses
to wake up sleeping flowers
and bears in slumber
It makes the birds sing in glee
and butterflies dance in bliss
© P. Bunnykins


A Lovers’ Quarrel

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© Ephemera Obscura/ Etsy

A Lovers’ Quarrel:
Heated words that end up with
cold sweats, broken hearts
© P. Bunnykins


Sweat and Heat


Psyche and Eros

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© pmikos.tumblr


Psyche the fairest
has caught the eyes of Eros,
Aphrodite’s son

She betrayed him once
but proved her unfaded love
by passing three tasks
© P. Bunnykins





Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016
Eye and Fade

The Night Elves Song

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor trees in the night
© Wall Devil

The night elves, they sing
humming under starry skies
Their sweet, calm voices
shifted to a deep murmur
I heard they’re calling my name
© P. Bunnykins

The Gathering

Image result for merry meet and merry part
© Pinterest/ Wombyn Gathering

The spell has been cast
Merry meet and merry part
Love and light to all
© P. Bunnykins

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016
Love and Light


The Craft

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© Powerful Witchcraft


The midnight hour is near
prepare your spell and let go of your fear
But before you cast and light the candle
think of the three-fold rule, if you can handle
 ©P. Bunnykins

A Mermaid’s Plea

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© The Hood Witch

Oh, God of the sea
bring forth your blessings to me
a fish tail, I plea!
So, I can swim by your side
and ride with the wondrous tide
© P. Bunnykins

Poetry Day Nine, Apostrophe + Tanka

Mother Nature

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© more-sky.com

I find happiness at the sight of the blue sky
while taking a bite off my favorite egg pie
I find happiness at the smell of the evening breeze
that comes from the wondrous seven seas Continue reading “Mother Nature”

When Nature Hits Back

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© The Odyssey Online

Sometimes when the world wanted you to quit
The best thing to do? drink red wine and sit
Sit and just laugh at the world
For you will never get hurled
Proudly you walk, then you stepped on some shit
© P. Bunnykins

Poetry Day Four: Limerick

Wow! Limerick is a little hard, don’t you think? 😛