“Mano Po”

Even as a child, I had always dreamed to live in countries like the United States or Europe. I want to see snowflakes fall, build a snowman, wear a sweater and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fireplace on winter or walk on dried leaves in autumn.

I am patriotic even if I am working in a different country right now.
(Trust me, if you’re a nurse in the Philippines, you will do what every Filipino nurse will do to give your family a better life.)

I love my country.
I just don’t like how our government runs it. How the poor becomes poorer. The rich becomes richer.
Yeah… I don’t want to say a lot about it. I think everyone knows what I mean.

I am always in love with the Philippines’ beauty and its folk literature.
The myths and legends of the country never fail to awe me. Also, the variety of cultures and dialects found in other parts of the island.
We have a rich history influenced by the Americans, Europeans and other Asian countries.
We have colorful fiestas/festivals celebrated in different cities and regions.

(c) bahayatbuhaysapinas.blogspot.com

The Philippines is also popular for its tradition and customs like the mano po, a form of greeting by bowing toward the offered hand of the elder and pressing our forehead in the elder’s hand for blessings.Or the beso-beso, cheek-to-cheek kiss. (It is a more common greeting amongst the upper classes.)

Filipinos are fun-loving people that can still manage to smile even after the storm. It really shows positivity no matter what the situation is.

(c) fictionalien.wordpress.com
(c) tatteredthoughts.net

The Philippines is a beautiful country one can be proud of.
It has almost everything. Natural resources. Hospitable people. Delicious food. Name it.


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    1. Yes it’s true. Especially for us after the typhoon haiyan came, we got billions of donations, but those who were affected still didn’t received the proper amount for rebuilding their houses. It’s really sad.


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