Unmasking A Two-Faced Friend

two-faced (adjective) 
-insincere and deceitful
“I soon learned that she was two-faced”

In a world called reality, it’s every man for himself.
It’s hard to trust people nowadays, even those you call friends.
Every day we encounter different kinds of two-faced people, they can be your co-worker, neighbor, or the person who goes to church every Sunday. They are easy to distinguish because of their distinct personality, but we also tend to ignore that such kind of person exists in our own set of friends.

Friends are the ones who accept you for who you are, but not everyone.

Characteristic of a two-faced friend:

1. Taleteller. A friend who loves to talk about other people. Someone who enjoys spreading rumors and lies about a certain person. They backbite even their closest friend. The miserable the other person feels, the better they feel about themselves.
2. Insecure. Someone who thinks she is in a competition with a friend who she thinks is better than her. This person can’t bear the thought of being less or inferior. Everything that seems better than her is a threat. She needs to be equal or above you.
3. Jealous. Your happiness is a reminder of her unhappiness. She would say that she is happy for you but doesn’t act like it. She will give you backhanded compliments, a kind of compliment that should be taken as an insult.
4. Copycat. Because she has a jealous personality and she doesn’t feel good about herself, she will copy what you have or she simply just want to be like you or someone else. Example: Friend1 bought a nice bag, and Friend2 admits that she likes it and that she will also buy the same bag but with a different color. And mind you, this happens a lot.
5. Blabbermouth. The kind of friend who can’t keep her mouth shut. You tell her stories or secrets about yourself because you trust her, in the end she will tell other people about it.
6. Attention seeker. Ah! The one who wants to be the center of attention. It’s all about her! When she talks, she wants people to listen. But when it’s your turn to share a story, she would go on her phone or act busy. She pretends to be listening but actually she’s not. Well, it’s not about her anyway!
7. Selfish. She won’t help you if she thinks she won’t benefit from it. She only thinks of herself.
8. Liar. She will make up stories just to get people on her side.
9. Manipulative. She knows how to play with your mind and feelings. She will do everything to make things go her way especially lying.
10. User. Yes, the so-called parasites. They will only talk to you if they want something. Considering the fact that they always ask things from you because they don’t want to spend their money. Better yours than theirs.
11. Poser. A friend who always pretend that she is some rich queen bee or something. Example: A friend posting pictures on social media of an expensive restaurant or branded items, even if the picture was copied from google. They don’t feel ashamed. They’re used to it.
12. Show off. A friend who is really confident of her looks or achievements that she would rub it to everyone’s faces. Example: A friend who keeps on telling you how many guys are into her.
13. Scaredy cat. A friend you will defend every time someone says bad things about her. Unfortunately, she won’t do the same for you. Quote: “Such a disappointment when you defend someone for so long, thinking they are different, but they turn out to be just like what everyone said.”

How to handle a two-faced friend:

1. Acceptance. You should first recognize that this friend is two-faced. Once you accept the fact that she is like that, then it’s clear that you are dealing with a pretentious/ dishonest person.
2. Confrontation. Talk to her about how you feel, but remember to keep your guard up knowing that she will talk to other people about your confrontation. Make sure you have someone else (a witness) with you during your “talk” because this two-faced friend might change the story later on.
3. Stay away. Being friends with a double-faced individual is emotionally stressful. It is unhealthy. But you have the same set of friends, what now? Be civil in dealing with her. Avoid at all cost to share any personal details with her including your plans and ideas. She has the tendency to sabotage things at her own satisfaction.
4. Don’t gossip back. Don’t talk bad about her to other people as a way of revenge. Never ever go down to her level. You are much better than that. It’s up to other people to realize what kind of person she is.
5. Ignore. If she gossips behind your back, just learn to ignore. She is not worth of your time or feelings. You know yourself better than her. If people believe her, let them. At least you know which people deserve to stay in your life, and which don’t.

Two-faced people can be anyone, it’s only worst when you’re unaware that one of them is a friend.

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14 thoughts on “Unmasking A Two-Faced Friend

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  1. You describe the type well. Goddamn lizardpeople.

    I encountered one. An old friend who turned out to be not so friendly. I confronted him about his behavior, with 2 witnesses (mutual friends) and ample evidence.

    His reply was to definitively cancel our friendship.

    Soon later one of the witnesses died (mysteriously). The other stopped speaking to me.


  2. the b!tches at school that i was friends with were all two faced and users.
    they got other people to tell me they (fake friends) didn’t like me.
    i was going around thinking it was my fault. and no one told me otherwise i had to work it out on my own.


  3. Wow just what i though of my SO-CALLED GIRL BFF. Some of the numbers are like her here, Just as what Someone said to me that don’t trust her too much. Just play with her, But with Rumors she (or my bff) says to me about other people, Just ignore her It’s not my bussiness anyways (And its not hers too, I hope she regrets and realize at the end what she’s doing! Tired of her)


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