Behind the screen: How Heart-Eater was created

Horror Made

My continuing adventure in how was it #HorrorMade?

I had a lot of fun creating last week’s Half-bodied woman piece, so I wanted to share my process on that one with you.

For this one, it started with the Haiku by Pancake Bunnykins, but she also mentioned that her poem was based on one of the creatures she talked about on her blog.

manananggal, a beautiful woman who splits her body in half after rubbing a special oil on her body, grows a pair of wings and flies in the middle of the night to look for her victims. []

The Visual Inspiration

manananggal from

The Snake by Chadamo

The Sketch:

The Photoshop stages:

hearteater process

Here’s where I started messing with the sketch in Photoshop

  1. Murky blue background
  2. lack-luster grey rectangle- using the shape tool
  3. equally lack-luster triangles added under the rectangle layer. Using the polygon…

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