Alec in Wonderland

Valerie spread the blanket over the grassy field. She arranged the snack, lit up the candles and lay on the ground while listening to Alec’s favorite songs. She fell asleep holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She has been busy these past few months and she can definitely fall asleep in an instant.

Alec arrived wearing a simple white shirt, handsome as usual. He woke her up with kisses on her forehead. She glanced at his beautiful blue eyes. “I missed you!” She whispered with tears in her eyes.

“I missed you, too!” He hushed.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” She gave the flowers to him and he giggled.

“Thank you. These are my favorites. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to bring anything for you.”

“It’s okay, I understand.”

He pulled her up and kissed her once more. “Come with me…” His voice was relaxing. “I will show you something.”

They went to the southern part of the hill and stopped in front of a wall covered with confederate jasmines that gave the surrounding a sweet smelling scent. Alec pushed the middle part of the wall exposing a majestic garden, nothing she had ever seen in her whole life.

Hand in hand, they entered a land of enchantment. They were welcomed by Annie, a brown rabbit with a red tutu skirt and a tiara on her head.

“Welcome! Welcome! We don’t get a lot of visitors here. I’m glad you came.” She spoke elegantly while bowing. “Feel free to explore our wonderland, but remember we close before sunset.” With that she checked the clock in her pocket. “Still on time!”

Alec and Valerie wandered around the wonderland until they reached the area where everything seemed a lot larger. The flowers were as twice as their size. A huge blue butterfly with colorful wings landed in front of them.

“You want to fly above the garden?” It graciously asked.

They both nodded and their faces were filled with excitement as they climbed up the butterfly’s back.

They flew above the large flowers, over the gigantic tress and landed near the flowing stream that sparkles against the sunlight.

“Are those real diamonds? Valerie asked in amazement.

“Yes,” answered the butterfly. “But you are not allowed to take even one or the stream will dry up and the diamonds will turn to stones.”

“Because in this place, beauty is meant to be admired and not to be seized by anyone who wants it.” Alec added.

Just across the shore, they saw beautiful ladies with tails that of a fish enjoying a basket of deliciously fresh fruits. They waved at them, inviting them to come over.

They slowly crossed the waist-high water, balancing against the light current.

“Alec, you’re back. Come join us.” One of the mermaids said. Their hair color matched the color of their eyes and tails, nonetheless, they’re equally beautiful.

“Olivia, Margaux, Tanta, Reyna, this is Valerie.” He spoke, voice trembling a little. “My girlfriend.”

The mermaids eyes widened as they chuckled.

“She is pretty.” Margaux teased.

Reyna, the older one entertained their guests by telling them stories about her adventure in the sea, how she fell in love with a human and how she ended up in the wonderland.

Then out of nowhere, Annie appeared and showed her clock to Valerie and Alec, reminding them that sunset will come soon.

With heavy hearts, Valerie waved goodbye to her new friends. The butterfly swiftly carried them back to the garden.

“We still have time left.” Alec uttered while pulling her into an enclosed forest. There they sat on a lonely moss-covered bench.

She put her head over his shoulder as tears fell down her cheeks. “I want to stay here with you, please.”

“You can’t, Val.” His voice was firm. “You have a great life ahead of you. You know that I am always watching you.”

“I can’t live without you.” She gave a big yawn and closed her eyes as tears continued to fall.

“You can. You already did.” Alec softly spoke. “I love you so much.” He kissed her hair.

“I love you, too.” She whispered and fell into a deep slumber.

Β© Harikosh

Valerie awoke to the sound of the swaying grass that echoed through the silent hill as the sunset painted the sky with it’s lonely amber hue.

She knelt on the ground and touched the gravestone that reads: ALEC WADEN

“I’ll come back soon, I promise.”

Β© P. Bunnykins

Badge: Mutant 750 #58
Mutant 750 Kickoff #58
Mutant 750 Winner #58
1st Place

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  1. I really like the twist you placed on a familiar story, and that ending punched me right in the gut. The part about the diamonds was so beautiful, in my mind. I love the message you shared there. Great job!

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